Rishi Sunak hails ‘very positive’ discussion with Irish Taoiseach

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he had a very positive meeting with Irish premier Micheal Martin at the British-Irish Council summit. Speaking to reporters, the Prime Minister said: “I think we all recognise that the protocol is having a real impact on the ground, on families, on businesses in Northern Ireland, threatening Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom. And I want to resolve that. “I’m deeply committed to the Belfast Good Friday Agreement. I want to see the institutions back up and running in Northern Ireland because that’s what the people in Northern Ireland need and deserve. “I discussed this with the Taoiseach, we had a very positive meeting. “And what I want to do is find a negotiated solution preferably, and I’m pleased with the progress that we’re making in these early days in this job, and my focus is to try and find a resolution here, get the institutions back up and running. “That’s how we’re going to deliver for the people in Northern Ireland.”