Rishi Sunak promises tax cuts ‘you can believe in’

Rishi Sunak on Saturday told Tory Party members that he was the only candidate telling the truth about taxation. Tax cuts have dominated discussion in the Conservative leadership contest so far, with Mr Sunak seeking to portray himself as a Thatcherite custodian of the public finances in the face of a raft of tax cuts promised by rival Liz Truss. The Foreign Secretary, who has said she is running an “insurgent” campaign, has said that her promises of tax cuts will help curb soaring inflation. Speaking from Grantham in Lincolnshire, Mr Sunak repeated his attacks on Ms Truss and her economic vision in a speech that was heavy with warnings about the dangers of inflation. “We have to tell the truth about the cost of living and that there is no answer to this problem other than to grip inflation and bring it down,” he told a mostly friendly crowd. The former chancellor said: “Rising inflation is the enemy that makes everyone poorer and puts at risk your homes and your savings. “And we have to tell the truth about tax. “I will deliver more tax cuts. “I’ve already made real progress as chancellor, but I will not put money back in your pocket knowing that rising inflation will only whip it straight back out.”

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