Rishi Sunak reads out Field Marshal Montgomery’s address at D-Day anniversary

Rishi Sunak read out the words of an address heard by Allied troops before they embarked on the D-Day landings as he took part in a commemorative event to mark the 80th anniversary of the military operation.

The Prime Minister read out Field Marshal Montgomery’s message to the troops, originally delivered on June 5, 1944 to all those taking part in the landings.

In his contribution to the event in Portsmouth, the Prime Minister read out the address, which began: “The time has come to deal the enemy a terrific blow in Western Europe. The blow will be struck by the combined sea, land and air forces of the Allies together constituting one great allied team, under the supreme command of General Eisenhower.”

It continued: “To us is given the honour of striking a blow for freedom which will live in history; and in the better days that lie ahead men will speak with pride of our doings. We have a great and a righteous cause.”

Rishi Sunak meeting D-Day and Normandy veterans
Rishi Sunak met with D-Day and Normandy veterans after the event (Andrew Matthews/PA)

The field marshal’s address also includes a quote from the poem My Dear And Only Love by 17th century nobleman James Graham, the First Marquess of Montrose.

Mr Sunak also read: “He either fears his fate too much, or his deserts are small, that puts it not unto the touch to win or lose it all.”

“Good luck to each one of you. And good hunting on the mainland of Europe,” Mr Sunak read at the conclusion of the address.

The Prime Minister participated in the major anniversary event alongside the King, the Prince of Wales, and veterans.