Rishi Sunak refuses to rule out declaring new bank holiday for England

Rishi Sunak has refused to rule out a NEW bank holiday for millions of Brits. The Prime Minister joked he would "definitely love a day off' on the campaign trail and hinted a new bank holiday could be on the horizon ahead of the July 4 General Election.

The PM was asked why St George's Day could not be a public holiday in England during a visit to Staffordshire. Mr Sunak, the leader of the Conservative Party, said St George's Day was an "incredibly proud day" for millions across the country.

During a Q&A on the campaign trail, the PM said: "We all love to have days off, right. Let's be honest, I would definitely love a day off, I can tell you that. But there's lots of other things that come along with bank holidays and the impact they have which we need to take into account.

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"But the thing that you touched on though, which is important, is that taking a moment to celebrate and be proud of who we are, and our country. And that is an incredible thing and whether we need bank holiday for that as a separate thing.

"But we should never be ashamed to be proud of our identity, of who we are as a country. And actually what we've seen over the last several months in particular, is sadly there are forces who are trying to divide us, who are trying to emphasise all the differences. And I think that's sad, and it's wrong."

In 2024, there are eight bank holidays in total across the UK. Bank holidays left in 2024 include on Monday, August 26 - Summer bank holiday - as well as on Thursday, December 25 - Christmas Day and also the following day on Friday, December 26 - Boxing Day.