Rishi Sunak says using ‘lots of bins’ is one of the things Britons need to do to fight climate change

Speaking at the Conservative Party leadership debate in 2019, then former chancellor Rishi Sunak says one of the 'three things' people should change in their lives to battle climate change is using 'lots of bins' for recycling.

Video transcript

- What three things should people change in their lives to help tackle climate change faster? Rishi Sunak.

RISHI SUNAK: Right. OK, well, I take advice from my two young daughters, who are the experts on this in our household. And what they say to me is-- I talked about energy efficiency before, but reducing energy usage through things like better energy efficiency is an obvious thing we can do. The benefit of that is it actually saves us money as well, which is fantastic. And that's why I said government should do more on that. The second one is recycling. And that is a thing that in our house we are obsessive about. I know it's a pain. You need lots of bins. But it is something that is very good for the environment.

And I think the third thing I would say is we've got to focus on innovation because we're going to solve this problem if we doing the amazing British thing that we always do, our researchers, inventors, companies creating the solutions to the problems of the 21st century. And that's what I saw in my business career working around the world. And that's what I think we need to focus on as a country because that's how we're going to solve this problem and leave our kids a much better environment and climate.

- Three things.