Rishi Sunak urged to commit to tax cuts to show difference between Tories and Labour

Rishi Sunak - Rishi Sunak urged to commit to tax cuts to show difference between Tory and Labour
Rishi Sunak is set to deliver his speech to the Tory faithful on Wednesday - PA/Stefan Rousseau

Rishi Sunak should use his Conservative Party conference speech to commit to tax cuts in order to show “credibility” to voters, Lord Frost has said.

The former Cabinet Office minister also called on the Prime Minister to “paint us a picture” of how Britain under the Conservatives will differ from Britain under Labour.

Speaking at the conference in Manchester, Lord Frost set out the three things he would most like to hear from Mr Sunak when he makes his leader’s speech on Wednesday.

He told The Telegraph: “He needs to paint us a picture of what Conservative Britain is going to be like, how it is different from Labour, what sort of society we are trying to create and how we get there.

“I would like to see him commit to a tax cut or cuts before the next election and the funding cuts that go with it because it’s important for credibility.

“And thirdly, I would like to see a ‘red team’ fundamental look at net zero. The net zero agenda has been captured by the bureaucracy so we need to go through those policies in detail.

“I would also like us to look again at the fracking ban which looks even more eccentric than it did before.”

Mr Sunak is widely expected to announce that he is cancelling HS2 north of Birmingham and that the Government will use the money saved to improve east-west rail links and to improve bus services.

He has repeatedly made the point that more people use buses every day than use trains.