'Rishi Sunak's leaving drinks' organised at Lancashire pub as general election date set

A Lancaster pub is inviting people to join Rishi Sunak's 'leaving drinks' after he announced the date of the next General Election.

The Prime Minister has pulled the trigger on a General Election campaign, taking a gamble by announcing a July 4 date while his party languishes in the polls. An average of polls for the seven days to May 22 puts Labour on 45%, the Conservatives on 24%, Reform on 11%, the Liberal Democrats on 10% and the Greens on 7%.

Mr Sunak's rain-soaked statement outside No 10 on Wednesday evening was poked fun at, with observers questioning why the Tory leader did not use an umbrella in the downpour. He later admitted that it was “a bit wet” and as he embarked on a two-day whistlestop tour of all four UK nations today, he said he did have a brolly with him “just in case”.


The Prime Minister will be hoping that signs of a recovering economy will help him overturn Labour’s 20-point opinion poll lead. However one pub in Bolton le Sands, near Lancaster, is not holding out much hope and quickly posted a tongue-in-cheek invite on Facebook to an event the day after the election.

The Royal posted on Facebook saying: "Join us on Friday 5th July for Rishi’s leaving drinks! Being the top chap he is he’s put his £650 million net worth behind the bar towards a drinks tab, so we should all get at least one drink out of the old boy before he shuffles off!"

Responding to the social media post, one person wrote: "I approve this message" while another commented: "Brilliant. I shall come in and have a pint for every unelected Tory Prime minister we've ever had...lucky I won't be driving home."

A third said: "Brilliant! I'll be joining you for sure!" while a fourth joked: "Might top up the donations. Think they're going to need it".

Another asked: "What if he wins?" and a fifth added: "You win the internet today guys."