Rising actor who bravely wrote about his struggles as a gay man found dead after lethal dose of date rape drug

Lily Wakefield
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A talented young actor has been found dead in his university halls with lethal levels of the date rape drug GHB in his system.

Eiichi Nakajima was found dead in his Reading University halls earlier this year, just four days after his 22nd birthday.

According to Metro, an inquest into his death opened Wednesday (11 November) at Berkshire Coroners’ Court.

Pathologist Rezan Guardi told the inquest that the young actor had toxic levels of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in his system, and that this was the cause of death.

Nakajima grew up in Bolivia, and had finished his degree in film and theatre at Reading University. At the time of his death, he was looking for directing experience after acting in a film that won best comedy and entertainment film at the Royal Television Society West of England Student Awards.

The young actor also posted on his blog about being gay and his struggle for acceptance.

He wrote: “Living a gay life is not easy… When I was little, I would always keep my secret hidden, mostly because society has obligated me to do so.

“I would just be terrified about being gay because of all the rejection and hate society has over us.

“However, as I grew older, I just truly felt the urge that I someday needed to tell everyone… Even today, I do not regret being gay… Even if people think being gay is a sin and try to implant that ideal into my mind, I will, unfortunately for them, never think like that.

“I know my life will be a constant battle with myself, always trying to decide whether I should stand up to protect a gay person, keep my self-control when the haters come, risk myself to make my voice be heard.

“I truly know this world is full of pain and despair; I have experienced it myself. ‘Therefore, this is why I was inspired to write a blog about my personal experiences to reach out to people, who are in need or just long for advice.”

The full inquest into the Nakajima’s death will take place on January 11.

In March this year, the UK launched a massive, nationwide, multi-agency operation to tackle a growing chemsex wave, noting that there have been more than 60 fatal overdoses linked to drugs such as GHB and GBL in London alone, including murder.

The issue was brought to the fore as Britain’s most prolific rapist was convicted of 159 sex offences against 48 men in Manchester, a chemsex hotspot. It is thought he drugged many of them using GHB or GBL.