Riva Blu excited to overhaul its image within Liverpool

The restaurant boasts 130 covers
-Credit: (Image: Jess Flaherty/Liverpool ECHO)

Italian restaurant Riva Blu has kickstarted plans to overhaul its image in Liverpool.

Located at No.1 Castle Street, the 130-cover restaurant from Individual Restaurants takes its name from the Italian word for shore "riva" and "blu" representing the colour of tranquil seas.

The venue replaced celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant in January 2022 but changes to the décor were minimal with many locals still referring to the unit as "the old Gino's."

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Riva Blu plans to overhaul its static image in the city with an range of events, a new menu and invitations to the public to experience first-hand what the restaurant wants to achieve.

Aaron Richards, sales manager for Riva Blu, told the ECHO: "For the last two years, we've really focused on what makes Riva Blu an integral part of the city and a big part is how the venue looks, the service and most importantly the food.

"There are so many Italian venues out there delivering classic dishes but we've been working hard for the last two years to deliver, what I would say, is the most authentic menu in Liverpool. We know what other venues are providing but we wanted to do something that's both different to what the city is used to but still engrained in authentic Italian dining."

Riva Blu recently launched a Neapolitan street food menu featuring new biga dough pizzas, Delizie Fritte favourites and hearty Baciata "kissing sandwiches." The venue aims to flip the idea city's understanding of Italian dining on its head while still staying true to the culture and flavours of the region.

Aaron added: "We really want to push the boundaries of what we can do which is why, along with the new menu, we have a range of events in the works. We recently had our first limoncello social and we're looking forward to bringing more people into the venue that's not just food - we want this to be a social hang-out for people to enjoy themselves. We've teamed up with local organisations for Celebrating Castle Street and Liverpool Restaurant Week but we want to hold many of our own events too."

Sister sites in the company family have recently faced criticism but Riva Blu says it is focused on delivering top-tier food, service and atmosphere.

Aaron said: "A lot of Liverpool still sees Riva Blu as the former Gino D'Acampo restaurant but that's why we're excited to push forward with our own identity.

"We've had an incredible two years but we really want the city to see us in a new light and that's for our authentic food, regular events, and more importantly somewhere to enjoy and have fun. We want people to be able to visit the venue any time for any occasion and we want to become more than somewhere to sit down for food. We want to be a strong piece of the Liverpool hospital scene's identity."

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