RNC Gets Reality Check Over ‘Expectations Exceeded’ Praise Of Donald Trump

Lee Moran
·3-min read

Twitter users were quick to fact-check the Republican National Committee’s praise of President Donald Trump on Friday.

“Expectations EXCEEDED (once again) thanks to President Trump!” the RNC declared on its Twitter account with a video proclaiming “the great American comeback is underway” after the U.S. added 1.8 million jobs in July.

Critics, however, noted the number of jobs added was actually less than in May and June and that the unemployment rate still stands at more than 10%.

Others highlighted how the United States had indeed “exceeded expectations,” but in terms of the death toll from the coronavirus.

Trump at one point said 60,000 people in total could die from COVID-19. More than 160,000 Americans have now been killed by the contagion and health experts from the University of Washington this week forecast up to 300,000 lives could be claimed by the virus by the beginning of December.


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