Road Hogs! Javelinas Traipse Through Tucson Suburb

A group of javelinas trotted through the Tucson, Arizona, suburb of Marana, paying little heed to the rules of the road.

Marana local Renee Mona recorded the furry visitors as they passed through her neighborhood.

Javelinas, also called peccaries, are found in the southwestern US, areas of Central America, and down into South America, according to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

“I took this video from my front porch as the javelina mothers, with their babies, were looking for food,” Mona explained. “We live in an area north of Tucson called Dove Mountain in the Tortolita Mountains in Marana, Arizona. Because of all the housing [development] here in the last four years, the javelinas’ territory has been greatly reduced so they come in our neighborhood, and others by us, looking food.” Credit: Renee Mona via Storyful