Road rage incident results in vehicle hanging off overpass in eastern China

In the video filmed in Shanghai, China, a traffic accident occurred on the Inner Ring Elevated Highway when two vehicles engaged in a road rage altercation, causing one car to collide and teeter on the guardrail, narrowly avoiding a fall. Dashcam footage captured the incident, showing a blue Audi signalling a lane change to the left as the two lanes merged into one. In order to avoid the blue Audi, a yellow construction truck was forced to change lanes. Suddenly, the construction truck became enraged and crashed into the blue Audi, pinning it against the guardrail. Subsequently, the construction truck drove away, and the blue Audi accelerated, catching up and colliding with the construction truck, causing it to teeter on the guardrail, almost falling from the elevated bridge. Currently, the drivers of the two vehicles have been detained by the police, and appropriate legal actions will be taken based on the investigation results. The video was filmed on May 24 and provided with local media’s permission.