Rob Brydon: My worst ever heckle was a woman reading a book about genocide during my show

Rob Brydon reveals heckler hell credit:Bang Showbiz
Rob Brydon reveals heckler hell credit:Bang Showbiz

Rob Brydon has revealed his worst ever heckle wasn’t someone shouting abuse at him but a woman “reading a book during my show”.

The 57-year-old comedian - who will be heading to Australia next year for his new tour ‘A Night of Songs and Laughter’ - was performing on stage in Inverness in front of a tough crowd as one member of the audience was clearly not amused. The Welsh-actor explained how out of all the hecklers she was the worst as she didn’t even engage in his show just had her head suck in a book engrossed in ‘A History of Genocide’.

He told Daily Star newspaper: “It was a woman sitting on her own reading a book during my show.”

Most recently the ‘Gavin and Stacey’ star was joined by fellow comedian Stewart Lee on his podcast who caused controversy after he slammed Ricky Gervais’ series ‘After Life’ as “one of the worst things ever made”.

The dark comedy Netflix series has received widespread acclaim since it debuted back in 2019 but Ricky felt “genuinely overwhelmed” by the reaction after waking up to thousands of tweets, Stewart Lee called his work “abysmal”.

Speaking on Rob Brydon’s podcast, Stewart, 54, said: “I think 'The Office' is brilliant. I think Ricky’s comedy-drama work is of diminishing returns to the point where it’s now abysmal.

“I think it must be very sad if you’re teaching drama or creative writing, how can you make a case for the things that make drama and creative writing good when After Life is a success?

“You know, ‘cause your kids could just go ‘But none of those things happen in this’ and yet millions of people watch it. I think it’s one of the worst things that’s ever been made by a human.”