Rob Lowe’s back-yard film with Charlie Sheen at 13 to be shown at Festival Hall

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Stars: Actor Rob Lowe: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Rob Lowe will use the Royal Festival Hall for the world premiere of a film he made with Charlie Sheen when they were teenagers.

The Hollywood star, 54, attended Santa Monica High School alongside Sheen, Robert Downey Jr and Sean Penn. Lowe said the aspiring actors often made their own “back-yard” movies together, including one entitled The Beast, which he and Sheen shot in Martin Sheen’s garden in 1977, when they were 13.

He is now due to show the film — which he describes as “the stupidest movie ever committed to video tape” — at his live show, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, in London next month.

He told A-List: “Inevitably people ask me about growing up with Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn, going to high school with Robert Downey Jr. We all made back-yard movies with our little cameras because we all wanted to be actors. When I was making the live show I found one of the movies.

Making movies: Actor Charlie Sheen (Dave Benett)

“Without giving too much away, it is shot in Martin Sheen’s back yard. Charlie plays an investigative television reporter. I cannot reveal who plays the beast as it would reveal the big twist. I play a terrified local citizen who has been traumatised by seeing the beast. It may be the stupidest movie ever committed to video tape.”

He added: “I’m very excited to do the world premiere of one of my eighth grade back-yard movies with some quite big stars in it — I think the Baftas need to take note.”

Lowe has just started filming ITV crime series Wild Bill, which is set in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Speaking about his character Bill Nixon, a high-flying US cop who has moved to the UK, the actor said: “He is a fish out of water, as you can imagine. They don’t know what to make of him and he doesn’t know what to make of them.”

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