Rob Lowe recalls Bill Paxton’s shocking reaction after losing Golden Globe to Michael C Hall

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Rob Lowe has recalled Bill Paxton’s shocking reaction to losing out on a Golden Globe to Michael C Hall.

In 2007, Hall won Best Actor in a TV Drama for his performance in Dexter, beating Paxton, who had been nominated for Big Love.

Hall’s win came shortly after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma when he was 38.

Speaking on podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe, the actor – who was close friends with Paxton – told guest Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m obsessed with when they put you in the boxes, right as you’re about to win or lose something, and you can see all of the actors’ faces.”

He described Paxton’s reaction as one of his “favourite box moments”, adding: “Big Love was out, and he was opposite a lot of great people, including Dexter, the serial killer show on Showtime, and Michael C Hall, who is great. And Michael C Hall had bravely battled and won a lymphoma battle. Remember that?”

Lowe continued: “So the show is off the year, come back, and he’s sitting [in the audience] and they got the box on him, and they go, ‘And the winner is … Michael C Hall.’ Bill turns to his wife, and I can remember it, because I’m a lip reader. Clear as day, he goes, ‘Aww. the cancer card.’”

When you watch the moment back, you can see Paxton making the comment with a smile on his face, seemingly joking. This is corroborated by the fact that voters would not have known about his cancer diagnosis as he only went public with it during his winner’s speech.

“It was right before social media is what it is today,” Lowe said, stating: Because today, for sure... you don’t get away with anything.”

Rob Lowe called Bill Paxton’s reaction to losing a Golden Globe one of his ‘favourite box moments’ (YouTube)
Rob Lowe called Bill Paxton’s reaction to losing a Golden Globe one of his ‘favourite box moments’ (YouTube)

Paxton died of a stroke in February 2017, aged 61. He had undergone open-heart surgery to repair a damaged valve and aorta just 11 days earlier.

Hall is returning as Dexter in a reboot of the hit Showtime series later this year.

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