Robb Recommends: The High-Powered Electric Toothbrush That Gets Everything Just Right

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I’ve tried dozens of electric toothbrushes in my time, and for some reason, I kept going back to old-fashioned manual options. That perspective changed, though, when the 9900 Prestige from Philips Sonicare arrived last year.

It took having a $300, top-of-the-line electric toothbrush for me to be sold on the concept, but I compare it to manual transmission loyalists who drive a Rimac Nevera for the first time and get wholly converted to the electric vehicle camp. And while the glut of Tesla comparisons has grown tired, let me just say, the 9900 Prestige is the Tesla of toothbrushes.

It’s been over a year that I’ve been using this one, and now it feels weird whenever I try a manual brush, or even sample other electric options. Nothing compares. It hums smoothly and it cleans my teeth faster and more thoroughly than anything else I’ve tried. When I replace the brush head, the old one is never warped and withered, as with manual brushes or subpar electric options. And while I cannot measure how bright it’s kept my smile (due to the whitening sessions I routinely do), I can confidently say that my teeth certainly haven’t gotten any more yellow this year.

I think what this brush gets right (compared to other electric models I’ve tested) is that I can feel the difference in power and pressure while I’m using it. I’ve yet to “overdo it” with this brush, but not once have I felt like I under-did it, either. My teeth have never known this level of freshness, and the sensitivity other electric toothbrushes have caused my gums has never been an issue with the 9900.

Review: Philips Sonicare 9900 Is the Rolls-Royce of Toothbrushes
Review: Philips Sonicare 9900 Is the Rolls-Royce of Toothbrushes

Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige Toothbrush

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One of my absolutely favorite features is the vegan leather charging and carrying case. This makes it so easy to bring when I’m traveling, and I don’t have to worry about it losing juice. Even with twice- or thrice-daily brushings, I’m only charging it every two to three weeks anyway.

I’m using it with the A3 Premium brush heads, while my partner is also sharing the base with me and swapping in his own W Diamond brush heads; it’s a preference thing for him, but I find that my A3 bristles stay sturdy for the full three months of rotation, while his get a bit more warped by the end of their run.

One thing I can do without is the app that Philips built for this brush. Look, if you absolutely want to gamify your brushing progress, go for it. But I found it a little “extra” and silly that this app existed to tell me where to brush next, and to give feedback on something I’ve been doing successfully for 36 years. It feels like an app that wants to report back on how well you poured a glass of water or put on your socks. Fortunately, you can use it without the app—which means you can save the download space on your phone for pictures of how great your smile looks after you use the brush.

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