Robbie Williams reignites feud with Noel Gallagher

Robbie Williams has reignited a feud with his long-standing rival, Noel Gallagher.

The two singers have been feuding since 2000 when Noel, now 57, described Robbie as "that fat dancer from Take That" at the BRIT Awards.

This weekend when Robbie performed at Hyde Park, he had a cardboard cutout of Noel on stage. Videos from concert-goers show Robbie giving the cardboard Noel a pat on the head, appearing to mock his height, before walking on to stage and starting his show.

Robbie, 50, then went on to sing Oasis' hit, Don't Look Back in Anger.

Two years ago, the Angels singer reflected on his turbulent relationship with Oasis, saying they were "gigantic bullies" at the height of their fame.

"It's part of that competitive nature of me too. And also they were gigantic bullies too, to the whole industry, everybody in it. And I didn't like that. And a lot of that still remains inside me. They're probably different people now but there's a lot of me that's like, 'They're f**king bullies, them. I don't like bullies,'" he said.

Robbie has history with both of the Gallagher brothers. In 1998 he was engaged to All Saints singer Nicole Appleton. The pair split after Nicole had an abortion, and she went on to have a baby with Liam, now 51. The pair went on to get married but split five years later in 2013. Nicole and Liam's son, Gene, is now 22.

"The great thing about being a fan of Oasis is when Liam comes out with a great album, I can be a fan," Robbie said in 2022. "The great thing about being resentful towards them, is when they don't, I'm happy. I win on both sides. It's so genuine."