Robert Marawa speaks on the interference that lead to his departure from the SABC in 2017

Robert Marawa speaks on the interference that lead to his departure from the SABC in 2017

Johannesburg - Robert Marawa believes the need for the SABC board to interfere with great on air talent was the reason for his departure from Metro FM in 2017.

In July of last year, the public broadcaster shocked their listeners as they announced they had parted ways with the veteran broadcaster after ongoing behind-the-scenes in-fighting.

Three weeks prior to his departure, Madluphuthu refused to return to his sports show in solidarity of the "unfair suspension" of his producer, Beverly Maphangwa, who had been punished after playing clips that included commentary from pay-tv SuperSport.

Speaking to Azania on Real Talk on 3, Robert said the interference involved in his show is similar to the treatment received by Bonang, who resigned from her show after not being consulted about Lerato Kganyago joining as co-host for her show, The Front Row.

 “Is this about how individuals excite themselves or how they treat the talent?” he told Azania about his departure, “If she is great from 9-12 and the listeners are there, why do you wanna come and interfere with that? Why do you always wanna interfere with successful people that are bringing the listeners or potentially bringing the sponsors? There needs to be a minimizing of that.”

The issues between the SABC and Robert have since been sorted, with the 41-year-old set to make a return in August with two simulcast shows on Metro FM and Radio 2000.

Speaking to DRUM about his return, Robert says it was the influence of listeners that forced the SABC to begin negotiations about a return, “they formed forums and there were people who signed a petition and went to the parliamentary portfolio committee and demanded my return back to the airwaves. There were also different forums all over the country, who rallied for this because they knew what had happened was wrong and there was no merit, legally, for what happened. They just knew they were being deprived of something that they enjoyed listening too.”