Robin Thicke says he was in a ‘bad place’ following the release of Blurred Lines

Tom Horton, PA
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Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke has detailed his past problems with painkillers, saying he was in a “bad place”.

He told US publication People he was “not in control” and fame “got to me”.

Blurred Lines, which was accused of being misogynistic by some, featured TI and Pharrell Williams and was released in 2013.

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“That year was a whirlwind of fame, and overindulgence all coming to a head,” he told the magazine.

“The painkillers became part of the release.”

He added: “You don’t realise you’re not in control.

“Fame and a lot of those things — they got to me.

“I was in a bad place.

“I’m happy to have closed that chapter.”

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After the song’s release, a US judge ruled Blurred Lines illegally copied Marvin Gaye’s song Got To Give It Up and ordered that the family of the late soul singer should be paid 5.3 million dollars (£3.8 million).

Thicke said marital issues with his ex-wife Paula Patton also contributed towards his problems.

“My marriage to Paula was crumbling,” he said.

“I started using painkillers.

“It was a melting pot of trouble brewing, and I was so arrogant that I thought I could handle it all.”