A-Rod fouls out with his new bat on 'The Tonight Show'

Former Major League Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, otherwise known as A-Rod, joined The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to unveil his bat, the GS 25 (for Grand Slam 25, to match A-Rod’s number—the most in the Major League history). A-Rod said the bat was designed for hitting home runs. Unfortunately, while putting the bat to work in a game of Face Breakers, he and Fallon hit mostly what would amount to pop-ups, ground outs, and foul balls.

Though they both had tees, A-Rod opted to toss the ball up. After his first swing failed, Fallon said to the man with over 3,000 hits and nearly 700 home runs, “Maybe you should use the tee.” After his second hit was worse than the first, A-Rod said with a laugh, “I may use the tee.”

Despite most of the balls’ missing the target completely, both A-Rod and Fallon got one point. A-Rod blamed the bats. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. When the game was done, A-Rod was kind enough to give the bats to a couple of Yankees fans in the audience and even signed them.

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