Roll out the blue carpet! Mega Greggs store opens in Leicester Square recreating a glitzy film premiere

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 (Greggs )
(Greggs )

There is great news if you are a vegan sausage roll fan and also a Londoner.

Steak bake heavyweight Greggs opened a mega new store in Leicester Square, allowing all of central London to enjoy the aroma of freshly baked goods.

The opening - which took place on July 18 - wasn’t a modest affair, as the company rolled out a regal Greggs-blue carpet as it recreated the glam and glitz of a film premiere.

The store opened at 11.30am, and the first 200 to elbow their way in were treated to a free sausage roll and a glass of bubbly.

It is safe to say that pastry fans are excited by the news, with Greggs fanatics drooling over their keyboards in anticipation since the new store was first rumoured on Twitter, back in November 2021.

The new ‘MegaGreggs’ isn’t the only one that the chain have lined up - the Newcastle-based bakery is planning to open more shops in the city as they expand, hopefully creating 55 new jobs in the area.

A Greggs spokesperson said: “The opening of our new flagship shop at 1 Leicester Square will be a huge moment as we continue to expand our presence across prime locations in Central London.

“We’re excited to premiere our delicious menu to new customers, including many tourists from outside of the UK who will get the opportunity to experience Greggs for the first time.”

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