Ed Davey's eye-popping rollercoaster ride in latest election stunt after launching Lib Dem manifesto

Ed Davey's eye-popping rollercoaster ride in latest election stunt after launching Lib Dem manifesto

Sir Ed Davey unveiled the Liberal Democrats’ election manifesto and then headed off to jump on a rollercoaster.

The Liberal Democrat leader has grabbed the media spotlight during the election campaign with a series of stunts.

His unusual election tactics have succeeded in getting the Lib Dems, who often struggle to get air time, publicity throughout the campaign so far.

Having unveiled his party’s manifesto in central London, Sir Ed then announced: “I’m told that an election is a rollercoaster.

“So, I’m going to go on a rollercoaster.”

He headed off to Thorpe Park, near Staines, just outside London, to go on several rides accompanied by other Lib Dem parliamentary candidates including Sarah Olney, who is seeking re-election in Richmond Park.

Sir Ed has already fallen off a paddleboard on Lake Windermere, seemingly by no accident.

He went down a waterslide in Frome, Somerset.

He also freewheeled down a high street on a bike in Wales.

Ed Davey embracing the fun side of campaigning (REUTERS)
Ed Davey embracing the fun side of campaigning (REUTERS)

He baked cakes with children at High Beeches Primary School in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, and flipped burgers at a D-Day event in Wiltshire.

His campaign so far has been far more light-hearted than the seriousness from Labour and the Tories.

But he ditched the jokes as he focused on the manifesto, titled For A Fair Deal, which set out that the Lib Dems would fund a £9.4 billion package for the NHS and social care in England by increasing taxes for banks and closing loopholes used by the super-rich.

The Lib Dems are hoping of winning dozens of seats on July 4.

It is the first Lib Dem General Election manifesto since Jo Swinson fronted the 96-page “Stop Brexit - Build a Brighter Future” in 2019.

More than three years after the EU membership referendum in 2016, the party promised in its headline pledge to “keep (the UK) at the heart” of the now 27-country bloc, adding: “Working together through the EU, the countries of Europe have achieved peace and prosperity on a continent historically wracked by war and division.

“That is a tremendous achievement, it should not be taken for granted, particularly as Europe faces new dangers from an increasingly aggressive Russia and as the US turns away from its old allies.”

The Lib Dems secured 11 seats.

Other past manifestos have included “Change Britain’s Future” (2017, Tim Farron, 12 seats won), “Stronger Economy, Fairer Society, Opportunity for Everyone” (2015, Nick Clegg, eight seats) and “Change That Works For You” (2010, Nick Clegg, 57 seats).