Ron DeSantis may be out of the race but not before humiliating himself one more time

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may have dropped out of the presidential race on Sunday, but not before he made one last embarrassing mistake.

DeSantis announced he was ending his bid for the White House in a video he posted to X (formerly Twitter) on January 21 with a quote that the leader of the Sunshine State attributed to Winston Churchill, but boy was he wrong!

"Winston Churchill once remarked that, 'Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts,'" DeSantis said to close out his video. "While this campaign has ended, the mission continues. Down here in Florida, we will continue to show the country how to lead. Thank you and God bless."

Except that Churchill never said that. The quote actually came from a Budweiser advertisement. You know, the 'wokest' beer company. Only DeSantis could mistake the words from a beer commercial for those from a politician known as a great orator.

Since posting the video to X, a community guidelines notice appeared underneath it, warning users that the quote was misattributed to the late UK Prime Minister when it, in fact, came from a Budweiser print ad from 1938.

"The quoted words in this tweet do not appear in this phrasing in any of Winston Churchill's books, articles, speeches and papers, although they have been frequently misattributed to him," the notice read.

You know you're in trouble when Elon Musk's X is correcting you.

It wasn't long before savvy internet sleuths tracked down the true origin of the quote which first appeared in a beer ad that was printed in Life Magazine, The Pink News reports.

While this flub is hilarious all on its own, it's also ironic considering that Republicans spent last year boycotting Budweiser because the beer company gifted trans-TikToker Dylan Mulvaney with a can that had her face printed on it.

DeSantis even launched a deranged investigation into Bud Light's parent company AB InBev last July, accusing the alcohol company of "not following its 'fiduciary duty' to shareholders and pensioners by collaborating with Mulvaney," NBC News reported at the time.

Oh, the delicious irony of DeSantis ending his pathetic attempt to score the Republican nomination by unknowingly quoting a "woke" beer company he hates!

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