Ronaldinho denies claims he is to wed both his girlfriends: 'It's the biggest lie'

Eleanor Rose
Ronaldinho denied claims he was due to wed two women: Bongarts/Getty Images

Football star Ronaldinho has denied reports that he is to marry two women at the same time.

"The whole world is calling me. I'm not going to get married," the former Brazilian international told reporters at an event in Rio de Janeiro.

"It's the biggest lie," he added, according to Brazilian station Globo.

It was reported in Brazilian newspaper O Dia that 38-year-old former World Player of the Year is due to wed his two girlfriends Beatriz Souza, 30, and Priscilla Coelho, also 30, in August.

Ronaldinho is said to have given engagement rings to both women and the ceremony was claimed to be set for their £5 million home in Rio.

Bigamy is illegal in Brazil where prison sentences of up to six years can be given. However the weddings were not expected to be officially registered.

The former footballer is claimed to have met Ms Souza in 2016 when he was already dating Ms Coelho, but carried on seeing both.

He has never publicly confirmed the relationship but in March, during a trip to Japan, he posted images to his Instagram of himself with both women.