Ronda Rousey prefers hot wings to trophies, wants you to name her finishing move

Torrey Hart
Yahoo Sports Contributor

In the realms of fighting and entertainment, there’s little that Ronda Rousey is afraid to undertake.

She’s already earned Olympic medals, crafted her legacy in UFC while becoming the first woman to enter the Hall of Fame, and made major acting appearances. But in 2018, she made her first major foray into the world of professional wrestling.

Rousey announced in January that she signed a full-time WWE contract after years of making scattered appearances. Later this week, she’ll be featured in the Raw Women’s Championship match against WWE Champion Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam.

It’ll be a big week for the 31-year-old, as her new movie Mile 22, in which she’s featured alongside Mark Wahlberg, premieres Friday.

She stopped by Yahoo Sports earlier this week to try her hand at Pop-A-Shot, answer some rapid-fire questions about her various favorites in life, expound on the gift to society that are buffalo wings, and discuss possible names for her signature finishing move.

Ronda Rousey joined Yahoo Sports’ Tim Hines to talk about her new movie, her favorite things in life, and try her hand at Pop-A-Shot. (Reuters)

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