Ronnie Wood's Wedding Photo With New Wife

Ronnie Wood's Wedding Photo With New Wife

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has released an official wedding photo with his new wife and his two famous best men.

The 65-year-old married Sally Humphreys, 34, at the Dorchester Hotel in London earlier this month.

It is the third time the guitarist has been married, and he told Hello! magazine Sally was the perfect partner for him.

He recalled how at the ceremony on December 21, he told guests: "I wish I'd met Sal earlier. I can't think of another girl more suited to me."

He also told the magazine it was a wonderful day, saying: "She looked beautiful walking through that doorway. I feel very blessed to have a new family.

"My dad and brothers are no longer with us so it's really nice to be welcomed by a new gang. Her relatives are lovely."

Pictures of the wedding, taken for the magazine, show Wood and his new wife alongside rock star best men Rod Stewart and Sir Paul McCartney.

The photograph, which also features her seven-year-old niece Heather, comes from the official wedding album, with the couple donating their entire fee to charities.

Wood said his new wife accompanied him to Sir Paul's wedding to Nancy Shevell last year.

"Paul was saying at the time 'Wow, this is wonderful, you two make a great couple'," he said.

The 34-year-old bride married in the same wedding dress as her mother, and wore a red heart-shaped pendant designed by Wood.

Wood's children Jesse, Tyrone and Leah took pride of place in the front row.

"They are happy to see their dad happy," he said. The Stones star said he chose his two best men because "they have always been very supportive of me and Sally".

Wood also revealed how he was so relaxed before the ceremony that he played a game of snooker with friends.

He previously married Krissy Findlay in 1971, before divorcing seven years later.

Wood split from his second wife Jo in 2008, after 23 years together, when he had an affair with a 21-year-old cocktail waitress.