Roo Bounds Through Floodwater as Heavy Rainfall Strikes Queensland

A wallaby was spotted bounding through floodwater in the town of Bluewater, north of Townsville, Queensland, after the region was hit by severe rainfall on Wednesday, January 30.

In this video, shared with Storyful by local resident Lhet Ireland, the wallaby can be seen jumping through the water. In another shot, a lonely cow can be seen mooing in a flooded paddock.

As of Wednesday afternoon, around 108 mm of rain fell on Townsville. A further 860 mm was expected to fall on the region by Wednesday February 6, the BoM predicted.

A number of properties in the area were flooded and residents reported losing belongings such as tractors, animals and boats that had become unanchored. Some locals were unable to leave their properties due to flooded roads while others returning home from work could not get to their properties.

“I have a dog that is probably trapped inside my house. If anyone has a boat and would be willing to go down the driveway and get her out of the house I would be forever greatful!” one local posted in the Bluewater News (Townsville, North Qld) Facebook group.

“Someone’s tractor has just floated by my back yard this is heartbreaking,” another resident wrote.

Another local rescued a cow from the ocean near Bluewater Creek.

“It’s safe in our yard. If anyone has advice or knows who it belongs to please let me know.”

“A boat has just broken anchor on Saunders side of boat ramp….anyone know owner??…hopefully they can get to it soon!!” another local posted in the group. Credit: Lhet Ireland via Storyful