Roo Can Do It! Kangaroo Swims for Safety in Flooded New South Wales

A woman was rooting for a kangaroo as it swam through floodwater near Moree in New South Wales on March 23.

Footage by Dimity Smith, taken near her family’s farm at Marshall Ponds, shows the marsupial swimming to dry land as she cheers it on.

“This guy managed to get to the edge. Then swiftly dived back in again after all my cheering… Only to join his family further down the river! Hope they all survive,” she tweeted alongside the clip.

Smith told Storyful that there were “quite a few” kangaroos trying to swim to the edges.

“They were just exhausted,” she said.

According to local media, the area has been subject to heavy flooding – with some residents being issued with evacuation warnings. Credit: Dimity Smith via Storyful