'The Rookie' Fans, See How Nathan Fillion Hilariously Marked a Personal Milestone

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Nathan Fillion Posts Hilariously Heartfelt IGRaymond Liu - ABC

Nathan Fillion is commemorating a personal milestone in his life, and it seems like he found a way to insert a bit of humor into it.

While on the set of The Rookie season 7, the actor filmed a behind-the-scenes Instagram video of him working on the ABC drama. Dressed in costume as his character John Nolan and standing on the roof of a building, he revealed to audiences that it's been more than 25 years since he first moved to Los Angeles. But as he panned to the side of the old Los Angeles Times headquarters, where the words "THE TIMES" are engraved, he couldn't help but make a hilarious quip amid a heartfelt note.

"You know, I moved to Los Angeles over 25 years ago," he said in the snippet posted on July 8. "The city has changed a great deal since then, but I think that's just... a sign of the times."

When fans saw the way the Castle alum joked about his milestone, many couldn't stop chuckling about his "dad joke."

"Gotta love Nathan and his dad jokes 👏👏," one person wrote in the comments. "Your straight face when you deliver the joke is what does it for me 😂😂," another noted. "I see what you did there … 😂😂," a different follower added.

Nathan definitely loves to make jokes at unexpected times, and fans have actually seen him do this in the past.

Back in June 2023, the actor posted a behind-the-scenes Instagram clip of him teasing his co-star Eric Winter with a note he wrote down for his followers to see. But he's also been known to share sweet interactions with his fans in real life, as folks witnessed in March when he posted the thoughtful way someone acknowledged him on a flight without invading his privacy.

Well, maybe we'll know why he was on that building come the season 7 premiere in January 2025!

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