Rose Hollermann | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile

Team USA Wheelchair Basketball player Rose Hollermann shares her experience playing professionally in Spain and how she hopes to inspire more women to compete in adaptive sports by playing on an all-male professional team.

Video transcript


ROSE HOLLERMAN: My name is Rose Hollerman. I'm a two-time Paralympian and, like she said, a gold medalist. I started playing basketball when I was seven. And I'm currently living in Spain playing professional wheelchair basketball, which is a really cool experience for me because I'm living abroad and also I play on a all-men's team in a league that's 95% men.

I'm so grateful that I get to play over here and all my teammates are so awesome. They push me so much. And it's just a great environment. I couldn't be in a better place leading up to Tokyo. But I think like from the female perspective, it's really giving me confidence in myself. And just like as a person on and off the court, I think feeling that type of equality and being so involved. Right now, as I said, it's a 95% men in the league. And I can't wait to see moving forward all the women coming in and playing and hopefully someday seeing it starting to turn to a 50/50 league and having lots of more women involved.