Rose McGowan rails against the 'lazy' media, vows to stop giving interviews

Don’t expect to see Rose McGowan doing the usual media rounds for her next project.

On Thursday, the advocate and actress posted a series of tweets about just how much she dislikes it, following the publicity tour for the paperback release of her 2018 memoir, Brave.

Rose McGowan promotes her book at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August 2018, in Scotland. (Photo: Massimiliano Donati/Awakening/Getty Images)
Rose McGowan promotes her book at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August 2018, in Scotland. (Photo: Massimiliano Donati/Awakening/Getty Images)

“Aha! Moment. I have come to conclude that the press bores the living s*** out of me,” McGowan tweeted. “After finishing a pseudo press launch for my paperback, Brave, and talking to mostly f***wits who are not living in their best mental lives. For this reason, I am done giving interviews.”

She specifically called out one particular talk show: “Oh, and a little behind the scenes tidbit. @theview said I could only go on if I talk about my abortion. Ewww. Go f*** yourself @abc basic bitches lol #punkasf*** this has been a takeover #rosearmy.”

A source with knowledge of the situation told Yahoo Entertainment that the show had not demanded McGowan speak about her abortion, which she tweeted about earlier this month, but rather asked if it was one of many topics she was willing to discuss. The source said it was a “misunderstanding.”

McGowan later deleted the tweet about The View but left the others intact.

She said she had realized that “#FakeNews is letting yourself be used by narrow minds to sell their stereotypes of you and others I call you all out most of you are lazy ass press people (excluding those imprisoned) the press isn’t under assault by anything but its own stupidity.”

The former Charmed star deemed journalists as a whole boring and encouraged them to do better.

“And if you’re boring me (and I’m a fascinating motherf***er) then you’re boring the rest of the f***king planet too you f***ing douche bags. Ugh. I urge you to try and be better … there are high high stakes involved. The press needs to rise up.”

She also wants them to “stop whining that Trump voters hate you. You basically suck as evidenced by how our world is going. Start disseminating truth. Stop making people dumb you f***ing f***s #rosearmy.”

She also posted a short video, which showed her watching local TV news and speaking out about her dislike of films about the media. She cited Spotlight, the 2015 movie based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe reporters who uncovered the child molestation scandal in the Catholic church there, as an example of how reporters like to “paint themselves as heroes.”

When someone suggested McGowan visit The View, because the hosts there would be sympathetic to her, McGowan rejected the idea.

“I do not need sympathy. Eww. And no. The press paints me as this tragic figure lol no. I’m just faster and smarter than they are. Catch up, f***ers.”

The same commenter assured McGowan that someone would help her tell her story, which McGowan herself did in her 2018 memoir.

“That person is me. I wrote a book about it. It’s called Brave. It would behoove most to read it. It helps people be less f***ing basic. I am not having issues. I’m ice and fire.”

This story was originally published on March 21, 2019.

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