Ross Kemp Just Keeps Getting Us Hyped About Grant’s Return

Fans of EastEnders hardman, Grant Mitchell, have already had a tiny taste of him back on screens when Ross made a brief appearance for Peggy’s #lastorders, last month.


But actor, Ross Kemp, has been getting everyone over on Twitter ready for some more Grant-based dramz, by sharing lots of pictures of himself on set.

The most recent as this snap from yesterday, which showed him outside the Arches.

Ross Kemp/Twitter

Ross’s character has a special relationship with Walford’s local garage. He used to work there with his brother, Phil. Oh, and it was also the place that he almost battered Phil to death after finding out about his affair with Sharon.

Ross teased fans that he was back on set and ready to fix some cars in his tweet. Obviously this sent fans into a bit of a frenzy.

He’s been regularly tweeting photos of himself back on the EastEnders set in Elstree. And judging by the smile on his face in most of them, he’s clearly enjoying his time back in Walford.

Ross Kemp/Twitter

We just wish it was a permanent return.

Ross previously told The Mirror that he felt he owed a lot to the BBC soap that made him a star. He said: “I owe EastEnders a heck of a lot for what it gave me in terms of a platform, so that I could go off to ITV for four years and earn a lot of money and then go into making documentaries around the world.

Ross Kemp/Twitter

“I hope it owes me a little bit, and we’re still on good terms. I think it’s really silly for people to leave programmes like this on bad terms because you never know when you might need it or it might need you.”

He also added that there’s every possibility he’d make another comeback if Phil’s pickled liver meant he was about to kick the bucket too.

Ross said: “Of course - if Steve wanted me to do it, I’d do it. The great thing about Steve is that it just looks right when you see the two of us.”

Not that we’re holding our breath on that count. Phil has survived two shootings, a heart attack and at least two major car crashes.

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