Ross Kemp To Remain In EastEnders For A ‘Sexy Tryst’ After Peggy's Death

EastEnders fans are rejoicing this week as original Walford bad boy Grant Mitchell, played by Ross Kemp, is set to return to Albert Square.

Unfortunately his return does not bring good tidings, with the entire Mitchell clan actually getting together to bid farewell to onscreen matriarch Peggy Mitchell, who is set to die from cancer in emotional upcoming scenes.

Thankfully there is a tiny slither of good news, with Ross confirming that he is set to stay in the BBC soap for a little while after Peggy’s demise, even teasing that he’s going to be getting up to no good - just like the old times.

Some things never change, eh?

Careful not to give away too much, Ross shared: “There will be some violence with tears thrown in and I have a little bit of sex as well.

"What else do you want? He’s a wild rover.”

Speaking to The Sun, he also revealed that he ends up locking lips with his ex-girlfriend, and brother Phil’s ex-wife, Sharon Mitchell, admitting: “They get very close.”

Grant is also set to discover that he has a twenty-year-old son named Mark following a one-night-stand with Michelle Fowler way back in 1995 - in short, it’s non-stop for the lovable rogue.

And we can’t bloomin’ wait for his return.

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