Ross Kemp: I won't ever be a cheesy host on Bridge of Lies

Ross Kemp says being a quiz show host has been a career highlight credit:Bang Showbiz
Ross Kemp says being a quiz show host has been a career highlight credit:Bang Showbiz

Ross Kemp believes his quiz show 'Bridge of Lies' has been a success because he isn't a cheesy host.

The 58-year-old star will be back on BBC One in 2023 with another series of the daytime hit and eight special celebrity episodes - which will air on primetime Saturday night.

Ross is sure the format has worked because he doesn't rely on catchphrases or gags like game show hosts of the past, and his approach resonates more with modern TV viewers.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I really enjoy it. I don’t think you can fake it. I think people can fake it a bit more when there was less channels and less time. Also, I think younger audiences are too wise for it. I think because they do so much filming themselves and so much Instagramming themselves I think they are more in tune with a presenter or host, whatever you want to call it, who is someway cheesing it.

"I don’t think I could ever cheese it. I think people like the fact that my reactions are 100 percent genuine and I make mistakes because people are fallible."

'Bridge of Lies', which debuted in 2021, sees a team of contestants battle it out for prize money by crossing a bridge made from stepping stones.

Players must get from A to B by stepping on the truths while avoiding the lies or risk falling through the bridge and walking away empty handed.

Ross is best known for playing Albert Square hardman Grant Mitchell in 'EastEnders' and over the past two decades he has become an acclaimed documentary maker, winning a BAFTA for his 'Ross Kemp on Gangs' series.

The actor never imagined he would ever become a quiz show host but it has been a new chapter of his career that he has loved and he insists the best part of the job is interacting with the contestants, as sometimes there are hilarious answers to his questions.

He added: "If you said to me five years ago, ‘Ross, you’re going to be doing a daytime quiz show and Saturday evenings on BBC.’ I’d have gone, ‘Get out of here.’ However, I tried it and I liked it.

"It is different, you get to interact with the public, I enjoy it.

"It can be very funny in places, particularly when a woman thinks a Dalmatian is a cat and a Siamese is a dog! And she stepped in front of her niece who is a third year veterinary student to take on animals. Why would you do that? Incidences of that kind of monumental stupidity are kind of rare, thankfully. But it is also quite funny television."

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