Rottweiler Becomes Unlikely Guard Dog for Tiny Kitten

A one-year-old rottweiler became an unlikely but adorable protector for a tiny kitten in Wigan, England, video posted to TikTok shows.

The rottweiler, named Maggie, will be two in September and was filmed by her owner, Marie Parkinson, carefully lifting the kitten by the back of its neck to a comfortable spot on the couch beside a cuddly toy.

Maggie even proceeds to groom the miniature feline, with Parkinson telling Storyful that this show of affection was far from a one-off.

“She is ridiculously soft and scared of everything,” Parkinson said, adding that when her cat, Molly, had kittens, she had no idea how Maggie would react. “As you can see, she loves them and thinks they are hers,” she added.

The kittens, however, are eventually going to new homes and Parkinson said she was “worried” how Maggie would cope. Those interested can keep an eye on her progress at Parkinson’s @mree1972 TikTok account, where numerous additional videos of Maggie’s parental instincts toward her feline friends can be seen. Credit: Marie Parkinson via Storyful

Video transcript



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