Rottweilers attack by park 'would have ripped any other dog to shreds'

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Three rottweilers/ Mallard Way <i>(Image: Pixabay/K L, Google Street View)</i>
Three rottweilers/ Mallard Way (Image: Pixabay/K L, Google Street View)

Three Rottweilers "savagely attacked" a dog near Meriden Park this morning.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has confirmed three out of control dogs were reported at around 7.40am today (March 29).

Another dog was apparently attacked by the animals, described as Rottweilers, in Mallard Way, Meriden, at around 7.15am and officers are investigating to establish the circumstances.

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A post on social media claimed it was unprovoked, adding: "The attack was savage and any other dog would have been ripped to shreds."

Police advice states that a dog attacking another dog is not generally treated as a crime by police, but it is an offence to let a dog be “dangerously out of control” either in public or in private.

After the attack, at around 7.30am on March 2, the woman was left needing hospital treatment for “numerous” bite marks to her hand.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said the owner is described as being a white woman in her 40s and urged anyone with information to come forwards.

Information on the March 2 attack can be emailed or call 101 quoting reference 41/17898/23.