Row of Police Cars Engulfed in Flames During Protests in Grand Rapids

A row of police cars was engulfed in flames during protests in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on May 31 following the police-involved death of George Floyd.

Cody A Sharpe captured this video showing the five cars ablaze while alarms and sirens sound in the background.

Grand Rapids Fire Department posted to Facebook an image of a burned car with the caption, “Sad evening in Grand Rapids. Our crews are being escorted by law enforcement, several rubbish and vehicle fires downtown. Destruction is widespread. Stay safe.”

The department also called for the community to hand over any evidence of “criminal activity” during the protests.

Protests were held across the globe on Sunday as demonstrators continued taking to the streets in response to Floyd’s death in custody in Minneapolis the previous Monday. Credit: Cody A Sharpe via Storyful