Row with Alan Sugar saved Apprentice star’s life

Lord Sugar’s sharp-tongued Apprentice co-star Claude Littner has revealed that the Amstrad mogul once saved his life – by having a blazing row with him.


In 1997, 67-year-old Claude was chief executive at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club – then owned by Lord Sugar.

After an almighty barney with his boss one day, Claude left off work early in a huff – and decided to use the free time to make a long overdue visit to the doctor.

The dad-of-two had previously written off his aches and pains as a hernia, but the trip to the surgery resulted in the shocking discovery that he was suffering from blood cancer non-Hodgkin lymphoma – and had just six months to live.


“That’s how life can sometimes be. You take a little decision which has a huge impact,” Claude explains.

“My little decision of walking out and having a day off and going to the doctor is how I got diagnosed.”

After three years of chemotherapy, Claude was miraculously declared cancer-free.


“When you go through all that chemotherapy and realise you may not survive, it changes you and makes you more appreciative,” Claude continued

Three cheers for grumpy old Lord Sugar!