Royal Bath and West Show: PETA demands event go vegan amid animal welfare concerns

Animal rights activist group PETA has sparked controversy by demanding that the Royal Bath and West Show become entirely vegan. The event, which starts on Thursday, is located in the heart of Somerset and showcases agricultural exhibits, contests, and a procession of farm animals.

Dawn Carr from PETA criticised the event as a 'sad captive parade' and an 'archaic remnant of a heartless past', which inflicts anxiety on hundreds of protesting cows and sheep by showcasing them to overwhelming crowds. As an alternative, she suggested expanding their existing Horticulture Village within the show.

But as reported by the Express, the show fired back in response, insisting their livestock are well-cared for and they have no plans to go vegan anytime soon.

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At the yearly Royal Bath and West Show, which will run from tomorrow (Thursday, May 30) to Saturday (June 1), families can explore Lakeside Farm, where they can gain knowledge about food production and rural life, and enjoy watching a sheep show, goat exhibit and wool washing classes. Additionally, milk and cheese tasting sessions are available, along with a sheep shearing competition.

Dawn Carr's letter to Farmers Guardian expressed her disapproval: "The show's Grand Livestock Parade more accurately described as a Sad Captive Parade is a relic from a cruel past, subjecting hundreds of non-consenting cows, sheep, and other animals to frightening crowds and stressful handling."

Bath and West boss Carol Paris responded yesterday (Tuesday, May 28) by stating: "Any animals that are on site are very well looked after. We have a minimum of three vets on site 24 hours a day, who regularly check the health and wellbeing of the animals."

"Although the show is not vegan, we do ensure that there is plenty of vegan and vegetarian food available to allow for personal choice and any food allergies or intolerances. We have, as you have suggested, expanded the Horticultural Village this year and added a 'Green Room' to deliver inspiring and educational horticultural talks."