Royal chef recalls the one time he made the Queen 'really angry'

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The Queen is rather particular about her mealtimes, demanding her royal chefs provide a breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner menu for her to choose from before she dines.

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Speaking in his latest YouTube video, former royal chef Darren McGrady recalls the one and only time he displeased the 96-year-old monarch while preparing her summer menu for Balmoral. "I still remember the one time that I made her really angry," he admitted - and the reason may surprise you.

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Darren told his viewers: "The Queen communicates with her chefs through a red leather bound menu book called the Menu Royale," explaining that kitchen staff were usually given three days' notice to prepare a menu for Her Majesty and gather ingredients.

If the chefs wish to prepare a dish the monarch hasn't tried before, the Queen requests the recipe sent up in her Menu Royale before deciding.

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Her Majesty must pre-approve a menu before she is served 

"Foolproof you might think…" says Darren, before admitting: "Apparently not." Darren, who was also personal chef to the late Princess Diana, recalled the time he forgot to provide a recipe for the Queen when suggesting a new dessert on the menu.

He wanted to prepare a traditional Scandinavian dish called Tilslørte bondepiker, which involves layers of sweet cinnamon crumble, fresh stewed fruit and whipped cream - perfect for using up the abundance of juicy strawberries ripe at Balmoral in August.

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In English, the dessert translates to 'Veiled Farmer's Daughters', which Darren wrote on the Queen's menu.

Confused by Darren's suggestion, the Queen sent up a handwritten note which read: "What or who are The Veiled Farmer's Daughters?!"


Veiled Farmer's Daughters involve layers of cinnamon crunch, cream and fruit

Luckily, the royal chef was given a second chance to provide the recipe for the simple Scandi dessert - and it soon became a favourite in the royal household.

"The Queen would eat strawberries three of four nights a week while in season," says Darren. "Send them up to her in January when they're not in season, however… off with your head!" he joked.

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