Royal crisis talks: Key players in family's crisis talks to resolve future of Harry and Meghan

It will be all eyes on Sandringham on Monday, where the Royal Family will try to thrash out solutions to Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to step back as senior royals.

In what is an unprecedented summit, the monarch, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex will sit down together.

It will be the first time the four will have met since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released their statement on Wednesday, announcing their intentions to "carve out a progressive new role within the institution".

It is not known who else, if anyone, will be at the meeting - but it is likely the private secretaries of the four senior royals may join part of the talks to assist with any questions.

Sky News looks at the key players who could be helping the Sussexes make some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

The Queen

As head of state and head of the Royal Family, the Queen will ultimately have the final say in the matter.

Her Majesty was said to be "upset" when she found out that her grandson wanted to stand down as a senior royal, but Monday's crunch meeting is being seen as a move to show that the Queen is taking control of the situation.

She will have been hoping to start 2020 afresh, after the somewhat "annus horribilis" of last year, and she will use the meeting as a chance to wield her knowledge and experience to help the Duke and Duchess of Sussex through their decision.

The Queen's private secretary, Sir Edward Young

Sir Edward has worked for the Queen for 16 years and assists her in her duties as the head of state, as well as being a key channel of communication between Buckingham Palace and Whitehall.

He was said to have secured the Queen's appearance in the 2012 Olympics opening sequence film with James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

The Prince of Wales

The duke's father and heir to the throne is currently funding much of the Sussexes' lifestyle through his £21m Duchy of Cornwall income.

Media reports have suggested that Prince Charles could completely pull financial support from his youngest son, should Harry and Meghan decide to completely step away from royal life.

Prince Charles' principal private secretary, Clive Anderton

Mr Anderton has been a diplomat for most of his career and is a former UK ambassador to Morocco, as well as holding posts in several other countries.

The Duchess of Cornwall is said to be particularly fond of Mr Anderton, according to The Times.

The Duke of Cambridge

The brothers are said to have fallen out over recent years, with a rift appearing when William reportedly warned Harry not to rush into marrying Meghan.

It is in stark contrast to their relationship growing up, with Harry once saying that William was the only person in the world he could share everything with.

The brothers have largely gone their separate ways in recent years, and recently parted ways from The Royal Foundation - an early signal of Harry's intentions to move away from royal life.

However, analysts say the Duke of Cambridge will be working with the rest of the family to find a workable solution.

The Duke of Cambridge's private secretary, Simon Case

With previous problem-solving experience, Mr Case has worked for the government, notably on trying to solve the Irish border issue during Brexit negotiations.

A Cambridge history graduate, he has also worked as David Cameron's private secretary while he was prime minister.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The couple at the centre of the storm are wanting to find a solution that means they can split their time between the UK, and an as-yet unknown place in North America, and become "financially independent".

Prince Harry has always been seen as the more laid-back member of the family, but has had a tense relationship with the press, no doubt in part due to death of his mother, Princess Diana, when he was 12 years old.

The duchess, who may be dialling into the meeting from Canada, was already a household name in the US when she married Harry, and has recently faced intense press scrutiny over her role in the family.

Both will be seeking a solution that protects their family life and ambitions to use their brand all over the world.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's private secretary, Fiona Mcilwham

Ms Mcilwham was one of the UK's youngest-ever ambassadors when she was posted to Albania at the age of 35 in 2009.

Since then, she has held posts in other countries across the world, including in Washington, Baghdad and Brussels.