Royal fan covers house with more than 100 Union Jack flags to mark Queen's death

A royal fan has covered his house in more than 100 Union Jack flags to mark the death of the Queen.

And Paul Bibby, 57, said he is not stopping there - with even more on order ahead of the monarch's funeral.

Patriot Paul estimates he already has nearly 150 flags on his home in Chelmsford, Essex, of all different sizes.

He regularly covers his property ahead of big national events, such as major football tournaments.

And Paul, a carer, said he wanted to celebrate the life of the late Queen - and thought flags would be a touching tribute.

He said: "I initially was not sure if I would put up a display, but I thought it would be a nice symbol to recognize the life of the Queen.

"The whole process took about three hours, and at my age was quite tiring, especially on the knees. As soon as I stopped my whole body seized up.

"I've become quite well known in the area because I often put up loads of England flags in support of England football when we're playing.

"When the Queen passed away though I just thought it would be my own mark of respect for her.

"I'm very sad that she's left us, I'm very proudly English and British, and a big supporter of the monarchy, so it felt an appropriate thing to do.

"She had a fantastic reign, and it's strange to think that she was Queen when I was born and nearly sixty years later she has only just passed."

A huge fan of Princess Diana, Paul says he expects that Charles will be a good king.

However, Paul says he is sad that 25 years after her death Princess Diana would not become queen.

He added: "I like Charles, I think he will be a good king.

"I just think it's a shame that we could have had Queen Diana. But she's been dead for 25 years.

"It's just strange to think they'll have to change all the money now and the symbols everywhere.

"I expect I'll keep up the flags until the Queen's funeral. I'll put them up again too for the coronation - but it depends how long it is until that happens.

"England are playing next week so I'll have to put the England flags back up again soon!"