Royal Mail Christmas stamps 2019: This year's designs and prices revealed

Emma Clarke
Royal Mail

Each year, the Royal Mail issues a new series of stamps celebrating the festive season.

This year's collection includes traditional designs depicting biblical scenes from the biblical story of Nativity, created by paper-cut artists Hari & Deepi.

As the nation prepares to send off their Christmas cards, we take a look at this year's range - and provide pricing details.

Royal Mail's Christmas stamp designs for 2019


First Class stamps


Second Class stamps


Christmas presentation pack

How much do they cost?

You can purchase individual stamps at your local Post Office.

Prices for single stamps range from £1.35 to £2.30, depending on the design and class.

You can also buy a book of 12 1st class stamps with the red angel design for £8.40, and a set of blue 2nd class stamps for £7.32.

For those with an extensive Christmas card list, the Royal Mail are selling a sheet of 50 1st class, festive-themed stamps for £53.00.

You can check the full price list here.

As well as offering a Christmas range, the Royal Mail are still running their Gruffalo, Elton John, Marvel and Royal Navy series.


What previous designs have there been?

Last year's Christmas stamp collection featured various snowy scenes and red letterboxes, illustrated by artist Andrew Davidson.

Davidson has designed more than twelve stamp series for the Royal Mail.

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