Royal mug hails "anniversary of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge"

Simon Garner

A new line of souvenirs celebrating the first anniversary of last year's royal wedding has made one glaring error - it features the wrong brother.

The bodged memento depicts portraits of mismatched royals Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge on English fine bone china.

On the reverse of the mug, produced by online company Guandong Enterprises, is the rather inappropriate message: "The body of a man, the beauty of a woman, may they produce children".

The £10.99 mug is being sold from a gaudy website - but despite the Chinese-sounding company name and the seemingly broken English description of their product there are suspicions that the souvenir may not be all it seems.

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The website's sales pitch reads: "Please join with us in celebrating the greatest wedding the world has ever witnessed, when Lady Kate, beautiful and gracious in her glorious dress, bejewelled and lovely, took the hand of her William Windsor, recorded on television for future generations, for all eternity."

A disclaimer at the foot of the website in tiny text reads: "This is a novelty item featuring the images of Prince Harry and Kate Middleton"

The website shows the firm's registered office is in North Finchley, London. The firm also "accidentally" made the same mistake prior to the wedding last year.

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