Royal Navy shadows Russian warships after 'unusually high levels of activity' in Channel and North Sea

Lucia Binding, news reporter
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    Pleased to hear that the UK still has a Royal Navy and vessels.These cat and mouse games between countries, are perfectly normal exercises.
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    NEW CONTEXT: The Russia shadowing mission off the UK coast, which lasted 1.5 weeks, ended a week ago (so hasn't just happened). The 9 @RoyalNavy ships weren't shadowing the Russian vessels all at same time, they did it 1 or 2 at a time, supported by helicopters.
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    Michael L
    I'm pleased they mentioned the names: Steregushchiy-class corvettes, two Ropucha-class landing ships and two Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates or I wouldn't have had a clue what they were talking about
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    Last time I checked the English Channel was international waters and Russian ships regularly transit between the Northern Fleet and the Black Sea fleet, nothing to see here.
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    Where were the french navy ????????
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    An Bodach
    Once Scotland is an Independent country they can pop in to Orkney or the Moray Firth for a friendly visit.As can any friendly navy
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    This happens constantly, the Russians never entered British waters, they shadow us when we do the same to them
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    Tracking there speed and course with the Latest High tec equipment. Little bit dramatic. I could track there course and speed in the English channel, with a stop watch and a pair of binoculars...
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    I expect the Russian skipper has just taking the lads out for a spot of fishing!
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    What's the point of this PR stunt? It's a tricky connection to make: The COVID-19, the British Army, the Russian Army Vessels.... So 7 Russian vessels(going to Italy to support? They arrived), had to be shadowed(why) by the British Army that is very busy assisting with the COVID-19( assisting how exactly? by 20 000 of them being on standby?). This is an ODD story. We can't help another country right now, so let's not be jealous of Russia and make up childish stories to draw attention. Really unnecessary.