This might be the strangest delay you'll ever see in MLB

The fountains at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City have to be included among the coolest features at any Major League Baseball stadium.

When they’re functioning properly, that is.

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Unfortunately, they were not on Friday night.

A busted pipe involving one the fountains led to some serious flooding in front of the Royals home bullpen during the fourth inning of Friday’s game against the Cleveland Indians. Serious enough that the game had to be delayed 30 minutes while the Royals grounds crew devised a plan to stop the leak and clear the field.

The view from the stands

The scene was not a pretty one as the grounds crew attended to the situation. Several fans immediately posted photos to give those watching a better perspective of the mess.

What would have happened had the game not resumed?

The Royals were leading by one at the time the leak began. Had the game not resumed, it would have been restarted on a different day because the game was not yet official.

Fortunately, it resumed after the crew was able to stop water from flowing to the burst pipe and successfully pushed the water off the field.

Indians poke fun at the Royals

Before the game resumed, the Indians couldn’t stop themselves from poking fun at their hosts.

Some teams in the pennant race might be in the mood to joke about a delay of this nature. The Indians can because they’re currently running away with the AL Central. They entered Friday with a 12-game lead over the Minnesota Twins and a 35 1/2-game lead over Kansas City.

Members of the Royals’ grounds crew work to clear water from the field after water pipe broke at Kauffman Stadium. (Getty Images)

Yeah, it’s been that type of season in Kansas City. On this night though, they did get the last laugh. After falling behind late, the Kansas City back-to-back home runs from Ryan O’Hearn and Hunter Dozier in the ninth inning to win the game 5-4.

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