RSPCA hunting for cruel motorist who threw kitten from moving car

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

The RSPCA is hunting for a callous motorist who was seen throwing a kitten from a moving car onto a busy road.

Inspectors from the animal charity are searching for the driver of a grey car after the six-week-old kitten was dropped on a roundabout in South Wales.

The incident happened between the A4043 and A472 in Pontypool, Monmouthshire, on June 30 at around 4.23pm.

A kitten stands frozen in the middle of a busy road after it was thrown from a moving car (RSPCA/SWNS)

Dashcam footage from the driver behind shows the terrified animal in the middle of the road, after it narrowly avoided being squashed by another car.

Thankfully, the driver stopped to rescue the tiny grey cat before disaster struck.

The kitten escaped the ordeal uninjured and was taken to a nearby vets.

The RSPCA are hunting those responsible for the cruel incident (RSPCA/SWNS)

The cat’s rescuer said of the incident: "The kitten was rescued by me and taken to the vets immediately.

"It was a beautiful little boy with cute blue eyes which we are keen to adopt. Will be helping all authorities involved to catch the people.

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"There is no reason for this to have happened - so cruel."

RSPCA Cymru inspector David Milborrow, said: "We’re very grateful to those who managed to safely stop when this happened and help this poor kitten.

People help the stricken animal to safety after witnessing the kitten being tossed from a moving car (RSPCA/SWNS)

"It was remarkable that this kitten survived this shocking incident without injury. We believe that the cat may have come from a grey car which may have been a Fiat.

"We’re now appealing to any other drivers who may have seen this happen.

"There was a red Mazda car who also stopped and we’d really like to speak to them to see what they witnessed.”

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