Ruining people’s food Instagrams is the newest social media trend

Ruining people’s food Instagrams is now very popular. (GIF: Instagram/KevinFreshwater)

The creator of #TheFloorIsLavaChallenge is back at it, and this time he’s ruining Instagram food photos.

We all know that taking photos of your food has become almost as important as eating it. If you’ve ever had dinner with someone who was more interested in posing the food than eating it, you’ll relate to Kevin Freshwater’s latest viral stunt.

Last week, he posted a video to Instagram with the simple caption, “how to ruin people’s Insta pics.” It’s the perfect revenge for anyone who’s ever been ignored in favor of a camera at the table. Just as his friends are angling their phones for a food photo, Freshwater reaches across the table and destroys their food with one word: “moosh.”

It’s worth it to watch the whole video through for the reactions of various mooshed pals. One insists that Freshwater buy him a new dessert, while another just freezes with his mouth open.


“As a content creator I’m always looking out for things that are relatable and that make for great videos,” Freshwater tells Yahoo. “I noticed a lot of my friends took photos of their food and I thought it would be funny to see how people reacted to me ‘mooshing’ their food.”

Commenters are torn on the idea. “Rude. Maybe you don’t like taking pics of your food. But this IS NOT your food. Have some respect for your friends,” writes one of his followers. “I am so proud of you, Mr Kevin Freshwater,” writes another. One likes the idea, but is apparently a little too intimidated: “if I did this to you…… you will moosh my head.”

There’s no challenge hashtag for this particular stunt, so we won’t be able to see how Freshwater’s fans are ruining their friends’ pristine meals. But we do know how it sounds: “Moosh!”

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