Are there ruins of a lost civilisation in Antarctica? No, turns out these images are fake

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Was there an ancient civilisation built on Antarctica? Well, that’s the claim made by certain posts that have been circulating online since early December 2022. Some of these posts feature photos of snow-covered, made-man monuments said to have been discovered during an expedition led by Admiral Byrd back in the mid-20th century. Turns out, these images were AI-generated. Other posts feature photos claiming to show “pyramids” in Antarctica, but they are just mountains.

If you only have a minute:

  • Since December 21, 2022, certain social media accounts have been sharing black-and-white photos of people standing next to pyramids, statues or other monuments.

  • The accounts claim that these are top-secret images of an expedition to Antarctica led by American aviator and explorer Admiral Byrd in the mid-20th century. They claim that the photos offer proof of a forgotten civilisation on the southernmost continent.

  • Our team spoke to the person who created these images, who says that they were all AI-generated. He said that he created them in order to make people think about the potential danger of the spread of misinformation.

  • Another set of photos has also been circulating online since December 8, 2022. These images are said to show pyramids discovered in Antarctica – another sign of a lost civilisation.

  • However, turns out these so-called pyramids are just mountains that look like pyramids, as explained to us by glaciologist Heidi Sevestre.

Do these photos, said to have been taken during scientific expeditions to Antarctica, offer proof of a lost civilisation?

Boucher explained: