New rules mean residents will have to book before visiting Essex recycling centres

Recycling changes - Residents must now book ahead before visiting all ECC recycling centres <i>(Image: ECC)</i>
Recycling changes - Residents must now book ahead before visiting all ECC recycling centres (Image: ECC)

RESIDENTS have reacted with fury at the extension of an recycling centre trial which means those dropping off their waste no have to book in advance.

From Monday, March 13 residents visiting all Essex County Council (ECC) recycling centres will need to book in advance.


The booking process has already been trialled for all vehicles using Rayleigh Recycling Centre, and also for large vehicles using the nine van-friendly sites.

County hall says both trials have been effective in reducing queues and congestion both in and around the sites.

“This will only result in more fly tipping as it just makes it harder for people to go about getting rid of stuff the legal way,” Kevin Porter, 58, of Rayeligh, said.

“I can only believe it will mean less congestion as people won’t bother going!”

Nathan Byron, 39, of Benfleet, said: “To me it just seems like another cost cutting exercise from Essex County Council.

“Why make it more of a hassle for us to recycle? Isn’t that something they are supposed to encourage?”

Conservative county councillor Malcolm Buckley, responsible for waste reduction and recycling, insists the new set up will improve the experience for residents.

“The booking system trials at both Rayleigh Recycling Centre and the van-friendly sites have been well-received by residents,” he said..

“The sites have been less congested, and we’ve been able to reduce the misuse of sites by vehicles carrying commercial waste.

The Wickford Crouch councillor added: “Residents will continue to be encouraged to switch off their engines when waiting to access the recycling centres

“We will monitor the trial to measure its success and can make amendments as necessary.”

Booking slots will be made available for a maximum of two weeks in advance; bokings cannot be made on the same day and will close a day in advance to allow for detailed lists to be provided to the sites and administrative teams.

Bookings for cars will have a 15 minute timeslot and residents are asked to limit visits to one booking per week.

But the council has warned residents will be denied access if they try to queue-skip when arriving for their timeslot.

Any residents that park up outside and attempt to walk waste in will be reported and refused entry.

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